52322764 - phone emits waves in the brain of a personAccording to the state of California, the possible link between cell phone radiation and harmful health conditions like cancer and a lowered sperm count has been confirmed. As a result, the California Department of Public Health issued new guidance advising consumers to minimize their exposure to cell phone radiation wherever possible.

While the agency admits the issue is still unresolved, this study adds to a growing list that show cell phone radiation does pose a potential health risk. Even as the potential health risks of electromagnetic radiation continue to mount, it seems cell phones are as close to our bodies as they ever were.

Specifically, the guidance put out by California links cell phone radiation with:

  • Brain, acoustic nerve, and salivary gland cancer;
  • Inactive or lowered sperm counts in men, and;
  • Loss of sleep, increased headaches, learning, and sleep problems.

For those who already suffer from certain brain disorders, cell phone radiation may exacerbate the problem. The issue now lies in addressing the root cause and finding ways to mitigate or fix it.

Cell phones are relatively new inventions, and as tends to be the case quite often, they were distributed widely before real research was done to determine whether their prolonged use would cause health problems. While minimal use may be okay, prolonged use over time could compound the health risks.

So, with nearly everyone owning a cell phone, what should we do? Take steps to sleep with your cell phone away from you and try to keep them out of your pocket or purses whenever possible. Cell radiation also increases when you are traveling at high speeds or have a weak signal. Keep these factors in mind and use your cell phone responsibly. Your future health will thank you.