Bill Blueter, DC, FIAMA, IFMCP
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

The Revive team is headed by founder Dr. Blueter, a certified functional medicine practitioner and a chiropractor also certified in medical acupuncture. He is passionately devoted to supporting, educating and coaching individuals in achieving optimal health and wellness.

He uses advanced diagnostics, along with your desire for results, to guide you along a path of wellness to get you back to optimum health. His practical approach is to resolve the underlying disease process through safe, gentle, natural therapeutics and lifestyle changes based on easily understandable principles. He provides his patients with sound education and the tools necessary to make life-long, empowered decisions that aren’t complicated and won’t turn their lives upside down.

Dr. Blueter is a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences. In addition to his doctorate in chiropractic, he has also completed intensive postgraduate studies in functional medicine from the University of Western States, as well as the Institute for Functional Medicine. His professional practice has been in Ravenna, Ohio since 2004 and also includes disease management, nutrition, anti-aging, hormone balancing, permanent weight control, and fitness development.

Dr. Blueter’s fascinating and refreshing approach to body transformation includes topics on nutrition, detoxification, sleep, stress/mind set, and a personalized exercise program. This program will work for all ages, but offers additional specifics to the middle aged “Baby Boomers”.

Karen Burrows
Health Coach

Since earning her bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Kent State University, Karen has stayed current on the latest information from the health and wellness field.  Once her children completed their homeschool education, she turned her attention to focus on making her passion her profession. Karen’s goal is to educate, support and empower those who desire wellness.

Karen is a huge fan of her family, learning, healthy food, nature, artistic crafts and numerous forms of fitness and overall movement. You will be glad to have Karen along for your journey!

Mariah Andrews
Certified Exercise Physiologist

Mariah is a 2010 graduate from Kent State University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise physiology. She is also a Certified Cupping Therapist with the ICTA. Mariah continues to stay current with the latest research and advances her education when possible to offer her patients with the most personalized experience deemed appropriate.

As Director of the Rehabilitation Department at Ravenna Chiropractic & Acupuncture, she enjoys working one-on-one with her patients. Mariah is experienced in developing exercise programs for people at all fitness levels, and works to ensure that specific exercise protocols are designed appropriately and performed safely and with the correct intensity. In addition to cupping therapy, Mariah is skilled at kinesiotaping and performing fitness assessments.

Lynette Kreidler M.Ed, LPCC
Stress Management Educator

Lynette is a Holistic Psychotherapist in her private practice It All Connects Counseling in Fairlawn, Ohio. She wants to empower her clients to take charge of their health and live optimally.

Lynette experienced several health setbacks while raising her children including Lyme disease and Cancer. While allopathic medicine helped with some aspects of her healing, many modalities caused significant side effects, which required additional healing after the health crisis was past. Lynette has had success with nutrition, exercise, stress management and spirituality in her healing journey. She walks the functional medicine path to maintain health and bounce back from setbacks.

Lynette is thrilled to be invited into the Revive Functional Medicine Center as a Stress Management Educator. She looks forward to working with you, experimenting to find what works best for each of you individually to manage your day-to-day lives.